About Medic Health


Medic Health is a Wellbeing Directory for doctors and health professionals.

We have divided the site into Legislation, Resources, the Directory and our blog.

Legislation outlines statutory and common law as it applies to the workplace and how it can impact your wellbeing as a health worker. Employee engagement has been shown to improve worker wellbeing and we feel this starts with understanding the legal context in which we work and our rights as workers.

In Resources we aim to gather useful information on how to improve wellbeing in the form of research, books, videoclips and podcasts.

The Directory is designed to bring together useful information on organisations that support doctors.

Why we started this site: A Wellbeing Directory for doctors

Are you struggling with your health or finances? Are you doctor who is considering leaving medicine? Perhaps you trying to help a medical colleague or a physician-patient.

medic or doctor health

If any of the above statements tick a box for you, then our mission is to provide a comprehensive resource to meet your needs. Our aim is to inform, acknowledge and inspire medical professionals working ‘in the trenches’ of NHS hospitals, GP practices, universities and private practices. We’re here to signpost you to services, courses, retreats and pathways for doctors in need of help. Our mision is to bring together all the best information, contact numbers and guidance on how to access help for issues as ranging from depression, addictions and resilience to leaving medicine for a new career.

You are not alone

We work in the NHS and have, at various points felt pressured, exhausted, and low in mood as a result of work-related stress.  Until recently, there have been few resources or services for doctors struggling with the demands of their job. There has also been a lot of fear and paranoia about “admitting” to the struggles. We feel there is an institutional lack of empathy for medics in medicine and that pastoral care for doctors is severely deficient. Here at Medic Health, we bring together all the best resources for the health and wellbeing of doctors.

medic health directory for doctor wellbeing
Medic Health directory for doctor wellbeing

Our aim is to offer an independent, empathetic, informative and healing corner of the internet to medical health professionals, your colleagues, your physicians and your doctor-patients. We want to help fight burnout and help doctors help themselves to stay well. We feel passionately that replenishing doctors’ human resources will save a  national medical resources.